How to secure the #8 blade to the shank

The #8 Shank Assembly is a rugged and dependable tool for deep ripping. However if the blades are not secured properly they will come off easily. You can prevent this from happening by following these steps. 

A blade knock-on tool (002-4051) and a hammer are required to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

First, put the shinguard in place. Secure it by affixing the blade by hand. Then, use the knock-on tool and a hammer to tighten the blade. Five good strikes with a hammer is usually enough.

Hammer on no8 blade

You can check the blade is secured in place by checking it's position relative to the shank: from the side, the blade should be flush with the blade mounting ridge on the shank, roughly 10mm from the shinguard. From the bottom, the blade's lower ridges should be flush with the end of the shank. 

8 blade how to knock on